Independent Bond Originators “IBO” has been in business under its current Management team since 2009. We work in association with Mortgage Max which is part of the Betterlife Group, South Africa’s largest Mortgage Originator.

We are an independent privately-owned entity that managed to cement our position in the market as a result of service excellence and the application of sound business principles. We are active in Gauteng, North -West and the Western Cape. IBO is one of the larger independent Homeloan Originators in South Africa with monthly bank selected grants in excess off R 300 million.

IBO cemented sound business relationships with our banking partners with an established and experienced team in place. It is our mission to go the extra mile for our selected client base. We are not everything to everyone but a leader in the market niche we operate in.

We are honored to assist your clients to obtain a bond, even those who has good relationships with their banks. Our service is free and complimentary to clients existing bank relationships. We shall approach the banks on behalf of your clients which will result in choice, comparison and an optimal transaction. If we cannot get a bond for your clients no one can.


The Business is managed by Etienne Roodt who has several years Commercial-, Retail- and Merchant Bank experience. He holds a B Mil (B Comm) degree as well as a Masters Degree in Business Leadership.

Conforming home loan applications are submitted by our processing staff to our banking partners via our electronic platform Comcorp. Michelle Crafford will be your Account Executive.

  • Prepare, submit and obtain pre- approval for developments from banks

  • Providing home loan support resources

  • Converting qualified home loan leads into home loan applications

  • Capturing home loan applications into bank platforms

  • Follow up with banks on credit application process

  • Provide ongoing feedback to clients during the home loan process

  • Liaising with attorneys on registration progress

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